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  • Clean Up My Purse

    It's time to date. But Linda's purse is a complete mess. She needs to clean it up a little bit. She's running out of time. Could you give her a help?

  • Christmas Doll Creator

    Hello girls! Are you waiting for Santa too? I know Jane is. She has been a very good girl and can't wait to see what she will receive for Christmas. She would like very much to receive a cute doll that she can dress up as she wants to. But until then, you can help Jane figure out how would she dress the doll for this wonderful holiday if she had it. Could you help Jane be a real Christmas doll creator? I am sure you will have lots of fun, as long as you let your imagination be free and just go with the flow. So let's suppose you have the doll. As a Christmas doll creator along with Jane, you can think of combining, for example, a beautiful short dress, in red and white. Add a fabulous hat, in a matching color, for extra style, and also add a fabulous pair of white tights. Don't forget about the shoes! They are the final touch and make the whole outfit look chic. In our case, you can go for a pair of fluffy red or white boots, or as well, a pair of fabulous high heels. Enjoy our fabulous new dress up game, named Christmas Doll Creator!

  • Santa Baby

    If you think that you’re having trouble deciding what lovely, Christmassy chic outfit to pick from your highly impressive wardrobe and wear on Christmas Eve when greeting Santa, wait until you see this little bundle of joy’s jaw-dropping Christmas super diversified special baby wardrobe! Seize the chance of scanning through all his adorable festive outfits with the fun factor added to, getting the Santa baby dress up game started, and help the heart-melting cute baby celebrate his very first Christmas in style!

    Can you image? This Christmas Eve is going to be the very first time that this cutie is going to meet Santa… for real! An occasion like this should definitely get celebrated and what better way to do that than by enhancing this baby cuteness with an equally cute, so very chic Chrismtasy look? You’ll soon realize that this is by far one of the cutest Christmas dress up games that you’ve ever tried! So, get him dressed up with some of his adorable baby full suits, some of them featuring some lovely chic Santa costumes, in miniature, others lovely knitted and in Christmas’ specific colors, red and white, others featuring all kinds of cutie cute prints. Then, try pulling off a two piece Christmas Eve special look for this sweetie here! Mix and match lovely chic tiny knit sweaters with cute baby pants, chic green little shirts paired with fancy chic white-and-red striped vests with adorable bold red little Santa pants and so on. Oh yes, I almost forgot: keep in mind to pick a trendy cute baby haircut, too, and add even more cuteness and… chicness, too, to our adorable angel here!Don’t forget to add the fun factor, too, those sweet Christmassy details that make all the difference. Go for a pair of… cute looking reindeer horns or for a pretty little fluffy Santa hat, for tiny candy-colored baby shoes and keep in mind to select the final, the most important accessory of them all: this Santa baby’s favorite toy. Judging by its so very cute and so very diversified Christmas special accessories, too, you must definitely share our opinion that this is one of the most addictive baby dress up games that you’ve ever played, right? Would you go for a dear wooden horse or maybe for his cool helicopter, an earlier Christmas present from his grandparents?

    While still waiting for Santa, how about getting yourself inspired from other equally lovely Christmas dress up games available for you on our website, so that you can be 100% sure that you’ll select the chicest, most special Christmassy fashion look to dazzle away Santa with on Christmas Eve?

  • Firefly Fairy Makeover Description

    In the glowing land of fireflies there’s enough sparkle to light up any heart. In this mystical land lives the most gorgeous fairy of them all. This beautiful pixie princess flies away everyday through this enchanted kingdom, spreading sprinkles of love and happiness. Meet the firefly fairy and join her to discover the most stunning beauty secrets. Go on a makeover session, give her a facial and a hair treatment, chose a fabulous hairstyle, unique makeup and the most beautiful fairy dress ever seen, in bright colors!

  • Blondie Lockes Puppy

    Blondie Locks is so excited that she gets to take her puppy to school for pet day! She wants to give her a bath and make her smell and look super sweet so she can show her off to all her friends. Care for the puppy and make sure she's manicured and then dress up Blondie so they can go to school together. Have fun playing pet caring games!Blondie Lockes Puppy

  • Baby Hazel Stomach Care

    Our darling Baby Hazel is suffering from stomach ache due to wrong food eating habits. Instead of eating mom-made breakfast, she loves to eat lots of junk food. Help her in getting rid of stomach ache by taking her to doctor, give her medicines and let her slumber. Be around Hazel and ensure that she is contented. Pay heed to all her demands without letting her cry. Check how contented she is on the happiness bar. It`s time to help our Baby Hazel in making her feel better.

  • Wedding Dress Stylist

    Brush up your fashion skills with our dress up games! Be the best Wedding Dress Stylist and make them say YES to your dress!

  • Tinkerbell Dressup

    Tinker Bell who has the tinkering abilities is called commonly called Tink or Miss Bell. This tinker fairy knows to mend broken things and fix them together but she is not proud of her talents and always wanted to emulate other fairies which proved to be futile every time she attempted in her desperate pursuit to visit the mainland for spring. Though she may not have nature skills like making dewdrops, lighting fireflies and teaching young birds to fly, yet she joins the nature-talent fairies as she invented the machine which quickened the preparation process for spring. So she has been granted permission to go to the mainland now. Tink is very happy and excited about this and in her excitement she doesn’t know how to dress up. Come to the rescue of this poor Tink and get her ready for spring. Dress her up in elegant outfits and precious jewels that she looks as beautiful as the spring season. Choose her a lovely pair of wings and a magical wand that she can come around the mainland and tinker all the broken things. Have fun!

  • Modern Christmas Tree

    You can decorate a modern looking christmas tree by playing this new christmas tree decorating game.

  • Little christmas elf

    A really cute x-massy dress up game by Pichichama

  • Cooking bacon pizza

    Deana is planned to go to pizza corner to give treat for her friends. A New variety of pizza is available in Royal Pizza Corner. They had a happy treat with the Bacon Pizza. Are you interested to Make Bacon pizza in your home .Follow the instruction and have a chance to taste the bacon pizza.

  • Christmas Eve Spa

    There are still a few days left until the most wonderful and awaited holiday of the year but our beautiful teen girl here had a huge surprise this morning when she received an early Christmas gift from her Secret Santa. What about taking care of her special needs, ladies, and make sure she enjoys a great spa treatment that is sure to put her in the mood for the upcoming winter holidays?

  • Wedding hair salon

    Our cute Tammy is celebrating her wedding Cermony and she is going to beautiful hair salon to get a nice hairstyle. Follow the instructions given in the game and Help our cute Tammy to get a stylish hairstyle for her wedding ceremony.

  • The Retro Hairstyles

    The retro hairstyles have become a popular element this year, and now it seems that the hairstyles are classic and lovely. They became many girls’ favorite style and also the one with higher head-turning.
    Goal: Let’s know a retro hairstyle through the game and learn the detailed steps that how to make it, get the way to this hairstyle in order to apply it in life.

  • Hawaii Holiday

    Congratulations honey! You've been selected for the very special Hawaii Holiday and you need to get ready as soon as possible not to miss your flight! As the one who've been in Hawaii last year, I can suggest you some outfits you may need in there. Oh, I can even lend you some dresses and accessories too! Then follow me, now I'm gonna show you my dresses and you're gonna pick the best one among them! Deal?

  • Barbie's Apple Braided Sweets

    Hey girls! There is something that you probably didn't know about Barbie! She loves desserts and she knows a lot of delicious recipes. Today is a lucky day for you because Barbie will share one of her favorite recipes with you: Barbie's Apple Braided Sweets! This recipe is very special because Barbie invented it. I bet that you didn't know that. So what do you say, girls? Are you ready to play this fun cooking game and learn a useful dessert recipe? The cooking process it's quite simple. You will need some ingredients: apple, cinnamon powder, sugar, lemon juice, a special pastry flour, butter, water and salt. You will start by making the filling for the apple braided sweets by mixing some of the ingredients. Then you will prepare the dough. Don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds! After that you will cut the dough on the sides into strips, fill the dough with the apple glazed mix filling and then actually braid the dough with the apple content inside. Place it in the oven and it's done. You see, it's very simple to cook something healthy and delicious. Enjoy cooking one of Barbie's favorite recipe: Barbie's Apple Braided Sweets and playing our great new cooking games!

  • Barbie Honeymoon Love

    For Barbie and Ken it was love at first sight. They seem to be a true match and they complete each other perfectly. It wasn't long enough before Ken proposed and of course Barbie said yes! She couldn't imagine not spending the rest of her life with him. Her friends prepared some really exciting challenges for her as you might have seen already in Barbie Bachelorette Challenge 1 & 2 (if not, you should definitely play it like...right now!) and then came the long awaited wedding day. Barbie was late as usual and she rushed across town in Barbie Wedding Rush trying to look perfect for this big day. She was gorgeous after all, with your help of course, and she looked so gorgeous that Ken fell in love with her all over again. Now we invite you to join Barbie for another important moment of her life: the perfect honeymoon. 3 exotic destinations (Iceland, Caribbean Islands and Venice), 3 makeovers and lots of gorgeous outfits for the newly weds. Sound like tons of fun, right ladies? Go ahead and play this gorgeous new game called Barbie Honeymoon Love and let us take you to romantic, serene destinations where Barbie and Ken will celebrate their love! Enjoy!

  • Strawberry Short Cake

    Everyone loves cake. Now you can make your very own Strawberry Short Cake. Choose the right ingredients, and make the most delicious cake ever.


    Prince George had been staying with his Grandparents for a week and now he is coming back to the royal palace. As a royal babysitter, you should help Princess Kate to clean up the palace and make it safe for the little Prince. Hide all the things that can be harmful for him

  • Nail Daren Salon

    Many girls like nail design and they would like to decorate their nails when they are free. Now there is one new-opened Nail Daren Salon. If you like this salon, don? forget to share it with your friends. Today in our new nail design game, we will not be pleased with only a single nail color. You can have the chance to spot a wide variety of colors on the nails. We will teach you how to obtain a flawless look for your nails by following easy steps. You can cut your nail shapes and choose the shape you fit you best. Then select colors you like best to different nails. We have prepared many amazing design for you to choose. Play around with various colors, nail polish, textures and decorations to get the perfect nail design. You can also choose the ring you like to your fingers and the color of hand that fit the design best. When you finish left hand, you can also design different nails for right hand. Let your imagination free and decorate the most nails ever. Have fun.

  • Ice Skating Slacking

    Winter is here, but Sarah isn't glum! She's going on a date with her husband Tim to the ice rink in the park to enjoy some magical ice skating in a winter wonderland. The crowds have gathered and Sarah is ready to warm up in the cold... But the park ranger is being super strict this year and is eager to catch people messing around. Can Sarah skate her way into fun or will she be left cold?

  • Pimp My Christmas Party Poster

    Hi kids, Invite your friends for this Christmas. Design your poster with your favorite designs and colors and Have a Merry Christmas.

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