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  • Beauty Leg SPA

    Have you ever been experienced foot SPA? That can make your legs and foot skin keep moist.The waiter will makeover for your foot, to make it look more beautiful! Experience it here!

  • Cut the Rope

    The bunny has been spoiled by its owner, he’s too lazy to look for foods himself but to lie there waiting for us to feed him! Think of some ways to make the bunny hunt for carrots himself. Let’s get started!

  • Minion At Beard Salon

    This funny minion is going on a date tonight! But his beard looks just awful. Let's give our minion a perfect beard treatment, to make his beard and mustache look fashionable and attractive. Let the girl like him more!

  • Barbie Princess Nail

    Barbie is a princess. We know how much you love Barbie, and that is why we have decided to bring you another one of our exciting games, in which the players will have the opportunity to give her a sparkling manicure and make her look absolutely gorgeous. And tonight she is going to participate at a royal party. She wants to have perfect manicure and of course stunning dress. Let's style her nails and choose a perfect outfit for her. We have prepared all of the necessary nail design tools for your use. You can totally exert your nail design skill to create perfect nails for Barbie princess. Don't forget to create a suitable hairstyle for our princess also.

  • Love Laser

    Keep clicking on the heart above the progress bar to fill the bar faster than your opponent. Click on every boy on your way to make him fall in love with you faster than with your competitor!

  • Cutie Trend-Ice Cream Cake

    Is Luna's birthday today and she wants to prepare a delicious ice cream cake for her birthday party and for that Luna needs a little bit of your help. Could you help her decorate an ice cream cake? Put your apron, join her in the kitchen and put both your cooking skills and decoration skills to work. Pay great attention to all the options you have in the "Cutie Trend - Ice Cream Cake" decoration game, think over every detail such as the cream toppings, the fruits or the colored sprinkles that would decorate her tasty ice cream and pick out the ones you like best of all to decorate her sweet ice cream cake. Have fun!

  • Love Shoes Design

    You love your boyfriend, do you want to design the colored shoes for him and yourself? They are called "Love Shoes". You can make and design the shoes you like best and choose the pattern when you do them. Have a try now!

  • Chic School Girl 2

    The three girls are great classmates and also bffs,they wanna to be the pretty ones in school,just dress up for all of them to the most wonderful girls!

  • Runway Makeup

    The fashion show is about to start and you got to get your girls ready! Quick! Get that makeup on and make them look like stars! Prove yourself to be the best in the makeup business.

  • IPhone Makeover

    You always wanted an iPhone, because let's face it, it's the trendiest and most fashionable phone out there. But your parents have refused to buy one for you for such a long time, until you mother decided to give to you her own. It just needs a bit of makeover to make it fresh and new. First you should wipe all the print marks off it with a soft towel. Turn the power off if you want to be more efficient. Use a special solution to make it shine and use a needle to clean up the touch button on the bottom. Now that it looks like new, you can make it more fancy and girly with a bunch of accessories. You can pick out a new fun cover for it shaped like a bunny, a cat, a monkey or other adorable animals. You can personalize it by changing its color and you could even choose some cool prints, like zebra, leopard, polka dots or plaid. The touch button can come in its own cute look. Find an awesome sticker featuring cherries, a heart, a chicken, a rose or a cat. You can also get some sweet applications and place them wherever you want on your iPhone. And a customization is not complete until you pick out a great look for your phone's screen. Enjoy!

  • Princess Jewelry Box Cake

    Now, this cooking game is going to test your cooking skills to the maximum as you girls are invited to cook a princess jewelry box cake, so all your energy and all your ideas must be saved for it! Just think about the idea of having a jewelry box cake and you'll understand what heavy responsability hangs on your shoulders, not to mention that this special cake is going to be a birthday party gift for a real princess. Are you girls ready for the challenge? Then get the 'Princess Jewelry Box Cake' game started and let's start baking!

  • Snowgirl Glam-Up

    Click on looks to design the snowgirl. Pick your fave background: sunny, starry, snowy, or woodsy! When you're done, print your glammed-up snowgirl!

  • Fashion Studio Wedding Dress Design

    Hang out the fashion studio to design your favorite wedding dress design. Talk about having the fantastic day! She's going to be at the wedding design center all day and it's going to be the greatest day for her, girls!

  • Lovely Mermaid Ocean Song

    Long time ago, hidden in the deepest waters of the sea, there was an adorable little mermaid. She was just as beautiful as the blooming flowers are, and delicate as a snowdrop! The adventure of one night changed her life forever: swimming close to a ship she saw a charming prince and fell in love. Now she needs to see him again and make him fall in love with her too! Can you help the beautiful mermaid make her love story come true?

  • Reindeer Care

    Ho ho ho. It's your first day at the Lapland animal studio. Your job is to look after these festive reindeer so that they will stay healthy and clean this Christmas.

  • Princess Hairdress

    Princess Amelia has the most beautiful hair one can imagine! Hair like this needs to be taken good care of. Will you become the royal hairdresser? Make a trendy hairstyle for Princess Amelia. Pick one of the three marvelous hairstyles and create it, using professional tools and hair jewelry.

  • Baby Sofia's White Kitty

    Look, baby Sofia found a homeless kitten in her backyard and has take her in. She named her Cute Kitty and decided to take care of her. Will you help baby Sofia to take care of her new pet? Bath the kitty and heal its wounds, then feed it and then build a cozy house for it!

  • Christmas Clean Up

    The Christmas Day is approaching and everything is a mess. You have to cleanup all the garbage and impress Santa with a great garden and house. Can you do that in time ?

  • Sneaky Secret Santa

    Every year, Santa travels all around the world to deliver presents for children to open for Christmas. But it's very important that no one catch him doing this so that the magic of Christmas can remain a secret. Today, you've been asked to help Santa by watching his back while he performs his magic this fun online skill game for kids. Join Santa as he descends this chimney, but be careful, as an eager child is trying to catch Santa in the act. Notify Santa whenever the girl is going to wake up so that he can hide his supplies. But pay close attention and act quickly, as she'll catch Santa if you don't tell him in time!

  • Laundry Girl

    This is the laundry girl and as you already know it, she will teach you how to wash the dirty clothes. It's not hard at all, you'll see and if you'll pay attention at her, you will be able to do the same thing in your own house, helping your mom with the housework. Have fun!

  • Snowman Care

    The snow was falling, we can make snowman, we can play snowball fights. Let’s make a cute snowman, use branch as his arm, carrot is the nose, eyes and mouth make by stone. In the magical world, a little bit of magic can make the lovely Snowman life. Let’s take care of the baby cute snowman, play with him, feed him, all the children are very happy.

  • Christmas Tree Picking

    Have you ever picked yourself the Christmas tree? Well, this is your chance to do it and trust me, it is one of the most beautiful traditions during Christmas. Play this game and go in the forest with this ranger and pick yourself the tree, cut it and after that make sure that it will look beautiful to be decorated for Christmas. You family will definitely be happy when they will see the surprise, so enjoy it!

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